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Hold the Phone - True Key System Emulation for SMB is Here

Posted by Snom Americas on Dec 4, 2019 9:30:00 AM

We could tell you about how great the Cordless M100 DECT KLE Series is, like how only the M100 base station needs provisioning or how you can connect up to 10 cordless handsets or desksets and enjoy up to 500 feet of range so employees can move freely throughout the workplace; but we prefer to show you in the following series of videos. 

In the first of four videos, Snom Product Manager Ian Mitchell provides a brief summary outlining each model in the series and how they function together to outfit SMB with a reliable, easy-to-use key line mobility communication system. He gives viewers a close-up look at what a call looks like coming in on the key line system, and how simple it is for employees to answer a call, place it on hold and pick it up on another handset.


The M100 Series is not just easy-to-use and provision, it is also flexible. Businesses can pick and choose any combination of the M10 handset, M10R Ruggedized handset or M18 cordless deskset for up to 10 devices. Each KLE series handset and deskset includes the 4 LED Key Lines for improved call handling. The system can handle up to 6 concurrent calls and features dual mode operation: key system or multi-key line appearance.

In the second video, Ian takes a closer look at the difference between the standard M10 handset and the M10R Ruggedized handset. The ruggedized M10R is built to survive drops in busy warehouse environments and water resistant so it can survive out in the rain. Watch the full video to witness the sturdy handset in action. Warning, some fun was had in the making of this video. 

The next video in this series details a quick use case scenario for the KLE solution. Ian walks viewers through answering an incoming call, placing the call on hold, and using the built in intercom/paging option to alert colleagues of the call on hold. 


And finally, Ian showcases the series' ability to program the line keys as private lines. This is helpful in environments where multiple handsets still need to answer incoming calls, but a private extension is also needed. In the example of a pizza shop, multiple handsets are set up to answer incoming customer calls, but the manager in the back needs their own extension in order to make and receive private calls. The pizza shop would be a mixed environment, but you can also use the M100 Series solely for private lines if everyone on the account needs their own extension. Watch the video for more information.


Snom is the only manufacturer offering a true key-line emulation system. The M-KLE Series offers users the simplicity of a key line system but with today's latest technology and features included. The series can manage 6 calls on the handset and features dual mode operation: key system or multi-key line appearance.

Snom DECT Key Line solution_business phone

The Snom Advantage also includes the following:

    • Industry-leading 3 year warranties with advanced replacement
    • North American-based sales and service support
    • Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) program for one flexible, low monthly cost
    • Full suite of products to fit customers from SMB to enterprise with desk phones, single-cell/multi-cell DECT solutions, mobility solutions, wireless conference phones and headsets

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