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Why it's important to choose a phone with a good warranty and U.S. support

Posted by Whitney Morris on Aug 23, 2018 11:04:46 AM

When thinking about quality, it’s easy to assume SIP phones will always work as they did from the beginning. After all, there are no moving parts and most of the features are software-based.

However, everyday wear and tear takes a toll from phones falling off the desk, coffee spills, power spikes, electronic failures, etc. Warranty coverage is an important consideration. When considering SIP phones, the longer the warranty coverage, the better. Also look for warranties with advanced product replacement, which means the manufacturer quickly sends a new (not refurbished) replacement phone the minute it’s needed.

The relative newness of VoIP makes customer support a key vendor consideration. SIP phones may be easy to use once properly provisioned, but to continue enabling a great user experience, both IT and end-users should have access to quality customer support. Three indicators of good support:
  • A toll-free number that’s available during your hours of business.
  • Help desk staff are located in your region, where language and culture will not be barriers to getting good service.
  • Access to highly trained product specialists, rather than generalists who can only refer to online manuals.

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