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What are multi-cell base stations?

Posted by Snom Americas on Jun 21, 2022 8:22:44 AM

snom-m900-what-is-multcell-mainScenario: You are the manager of a retail store. It would help if you had specific runners that a customer is requesting. You tried to reach your employee at the warehouse behind your store. The employee answered the call but couldn't understand clearly what model you were asking for and sent the wrong model. You can see the disappointment in the customer's face as he has been waiting for a while now. You are now left with embarrassment due to the communication gap.

Who is at fault here? Is it the store manager or the warehouse employee? But neither of them did anything wrong. It is because of the poor connectivity. That issue can be solved with Snom’s M900 base station. The M900 DECT base station provides a solid foundation for any installation size. From a small office with only one base station to many more, to help support a hospital with several thousand devices. The integrated DECT manager housing state-of-the-art technology can enable individual installations comprising up to 1,000 base stations and up to 4,000 handsets. Thanks to the M900 base station, organizations can also carry out the maintenance of the devices quickly and efficiently.

snom-deployment-example-warehouseThese base stations are designed to register to any SIP-based telephony service, either on-premises or on the cloud. The SIP protocol is an IP-based protocol and runs over virtually all enterprise data networks and the internet. The fact that an IP network is used as the backbone of this voice network means that these base stations can be distributed throughout the network infrastructure of any enterprise, including a multisite enterprise

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