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The top features to look for in a SIP deskset

Posted by Whitney Morris on Aug 23, 2018 10:45:51 AM

From basic desksets to executive offerings with color screens, SIP desk phones can easily enhance your communications. You can enjoy better conversations from the reception area to the corner office. Calls should sound as clear as they would in-person, reducing frustration associated with static and echoes.

Here’s a list of more advanced features to consider in a SIP deskset:

  1. Color LCD screen
    A large color LCD display shows clear lines of information at a glance. Use a dedicated button to scroll between multiple display pages of keys.

  2. Headset connectivity
    With Bluetooth®, you can place hands-free calls on a wireless headset. A headset port with EHS support can allow you to answer calls when you’re away from your desk.
  3. Second screen
    With an additional LCD, you can have convenient access to multiple pages of self-labeling feature keys with multi-color LEDs.

  4. Advanced USB connectivity
    Expand your options with USB connectivity and expansion modules.

  5. Self-labeling programmable keys
    Access pages of self-labeling feature keys—with multi-color LEDs surrounding the screen.

  6. Sensor hook switch
    A non-wearing sensor hookswitch ensures a long product life even when the phone is used extensively over long periods of time.

  7. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    With PoE support, you can locate the phones in any convenient location without the need for AC outlets or complicated wiring.

  8. Zero touch provisioning
    Utilize a redirection server with both API and web portal management for easy installation. This means you don’t need to prep phones prior to deployment.

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