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The top features to look for in a SIP conference phone

Posted by Whitney Morris on Aug 23, 2018 10:52:05 AM

From personal offices all the way to large-scale training rooms, collaboration is an essential part of business. Maybe you need a solution that can transition from a personal workspace device into a scalable conference phone. With any good conference phone, you can have conference calls that are as productive as face-to-face meetings.

Here’s a list of features to look for in SIP conference phones:

  1. DECT 6.0 technology
    Place wireless microphones anywhere in a conference room and enjoy interference-free, high-quality sound.

  2. Full room coverage
    Choose models with wireless microphones for maximum room coverage and participation.

  3. Premium sound quality
    Thanks to features like full-duplex technology, digital mixing and audio equalization, nothing is lost in translation.

  4. Built-in charging
    Magnetic charging bays in the base phone ensure the wireless microphones are always charged and ready.

  5. Ample talk time
    With many hours of talk time on each wireless microphone, there’s plenty of room for meetings that run long.

  6. Wireless expansion
    Pair wireless speakerphones to increase the volume and microphone pickup for a large number of active participants.

  7. Bluetooth connectivity
    Make and receive cellular calls on the speakerphone or pair your favorite headset for a private conversation.

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