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Posted by Snom Americas on Feb 16, 2023 6:30:10 AM


Manufacturers often focus their entrepreneurial thinking on an object - the product and its functions and features. At Snom, we have chosen a different path. We focus on our customers and their needs and let our products follow them.

Hospital and Care Institutions

Communication is critical in hospitals and care institutions, and it needs to work flawlessly. That’s why Snom's M-Series is designed to provide a reliable, secure solution that meets the highest standards of quality. Our phones are designed to be easy to use and manage, so you don’t have the hassle of dealing with complicated technicalities. Plus, they come with a range of features that keep conversations clear and efficient.⁣⁣

There are many institutions where hygiene is a top priority. Specialized devices are needed. In these institutions, accessibility and an alarm function are also immensely important. 

M90: The Snom M90 (handset can only be used in conjunction with M900 and the upcoming M400 base) is based on DECT technology and was specially designed for use in hygienic environments. It is certified according to JIS-Z2801 and therefore does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria. It is also small enough to be worn on a belt. And if necessary, the case can simply be wipe-disinfected.



D785N: The Snom D785N not only fits perfectly into the environment of such facilities due to its classic design, easy to clean surface. The additional display allows you to set up to 24-speed dial keys, manage call groups, speed dial, or function keys, and display all information dynamically. Ideal for institutions with a very large number of extensions.

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Who is Snom Americas?

VTech Communications, Inc., a global leader and manufacturer of business phones and consumer products, adopted the Snom brand for the company’s SIP-based business products.

Acquired by VTech in 2016, Snom is a pioneer and a leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom's engineering is globally renowned for robust, high-quality and feature-rich business telephones that are designed exclusively for the trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer.

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