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Selecting the Right Communication Platform for Your Business

Posted by Snom Americas on Jun 24, 2019 4:55:15 PM

Snom Americas recently worked with Telecom Reseller and Gary Audin to create an educational webinar, or "EDUcast," on the issues encountered by both small and large businesses when selecting the best communications solutions.

Watch Tommy Lee, Director Strategic Alliances, and Brian Tompkins, Vice President of Sales at Snom Americas, discuss SIP phones and business solutions in the video below.



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Communication devices come in many sizes and flavors: conference units, phones, key systems, and public address systems. In the past, most have been proprietary and not interoperable with all PBXs and communications cloud services, which creates challenges. You would like to have devices that are not tethered to a single vendor or provider. You want to have a common device that can interoperate with multiple technologies as you migrate from a PBX to the cloud. SIP is the answer.

Tommy Lee, Director, Strategic Alliances, and Brian Tompkins, Vice President of Sales at Snom Americas, are joined by Gary Audin in this EDUcast. Tommy spends time discussing the issues and problems encountered by both small business and enterprise when selecting the best communications solutions. Brian discusses the SIP wired and wireless solutions that are available today.

What you will learn in this EDUcast:

  • SIP Connections
  • Conferencing Technologies
  • DECT Wireless
  • Key Systems Today
  • Making the PA Work
  • Selecting the Right Solutions

Topics: Small business, SIP, SMB, VoIP, telephony, SIP solutions, conference phones, office phones, Enterprise, SIP mobility

Who is Snom Americas?

VTech Communications, Inc., a global leader and manufacturer of business phones and consumer products, adopted the Snom brand for the company’s SIP-based business products.

Acquired by VTech in 2016, Snom is a pioneer and a leading brand of professional and enterprise VoIP telephones. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Snom's engineering is globally renowned for robust, high-quality and feature-rich business telephones that are designed exclusively for the trained and certified professional IT and PBX installer.

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