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Focusing on the Bright Side

Posted by Snom Americas on Apr 22, 2020 8:45:00 AM

In our last blog, we gave viewers an look inside our homes. This week, we want to give viewers a look inside our hearts. 

So much has changed over the last few weeks and months - rapidly, without warning and without a road map for the future or even for the day-to-day. But it's important to remember that despite the change and uncertainty, there can still be bright spots. A bright side, if you will. 

We asked the VTech and Snom U.S. teams to share their bright spots, and although we may be biased, we think their answers are pretty neat. From life's little moments, to learning new skills, to self-care or a new view, our team is fortunate and grateful to take a moment to focus on the bright side. We hope these make you laugh, inspire you or provide that 10 minute break that you needed today. 

Sending hope and a bright side to our extended Snom family (a.k.a. YOU!). 

“Work wise - making the time to send an email to my customer's just to check in... nothing hospitality order related, just an email to say hello and hope they and their family are doing well. Personally - since I LOVE TO COOK, I’m making a huge effort to try new recipes. Huge success over the last couple weeks...   apple pie, crab cakes and a veggie lasagna to name a few.” – Jackie Holt

Jackie Holt_baking bright spot 1


“I get to work with this gal!” – Christine Phillips

Christine Phillips_bright spot


“This is my bright spot, the VTech Teams in USA & Canada had the time to stop and strategically help the ER & intensive care teams with donations of baby monitors. This allowed them to communicate easily without having to don fresh PPE to enter in and out.” - Nick Delany

Nick Delany_bright spot_VTech donates baby monitors to hospitals in need during coronavirus


“The bright spot for me during the work at home order is that I have been able to speak to our team, Matt, Tim, Sarah, Korey, Mike, Simon, Ian and Sean more on a more consistent basis. I feel that the communication between us all is so much better!  I have been lucky enough to be on a team where I honestly can say that I really enjoy everyone's personalities.  It feels that we have actually become more of a family during this time. I think that sales is not about the product you, I, we or anyone has, it's about the people and the relationships you build with them that keeps business moving forward. I actually get excited to chat with everyone on our sales/product meetings. We share good ideas, bad ideas and, ugly ideas and discuss them with no judgement!  I am extremely blessed to be a part of this company and team.”

Pam Marti




“My wife was furloughed from her medical job until June. Our work schedules rarely line up so with her at home we are spending more time together. Little things like having lunch together help make quarantine passable.” – John Sauer

John Sauer and wife Laura_bright spot during quarantine


"I get to spend more quality time with my new work buddy, my rescue cat "Bella Dude"!"  - Michelle Johnson 

Michelle Johnson_bright spot during quarantine



“Wearing my slippers all morning!” - Denise Jennings

Denise Jennings_bright spot


“The knowledge that I'm keeping my co-workers and community safe by working from home goes a long ways to keep my motivation high! My bright spot has been that I get my data entry tasks finished faster.”

- Laura Ames-Boyd


“Lunch time play with the kids :)” – Sarah Boucher

Sarah Boucher_bright spot lunch time play with the kids


“Other than seeing more of the family, getting access to great afternoon snacks is definitely a bonus.”

Guy Pothiboon

Guy Pothiboon_bright spot afternoon snacks


“The bright spot is not having to commute in heavy Portland traffic and being able to see my kids more throughout the day.  Saying hello while I refill my coffee in the morning and taking an afternoon walk with them during lunch.” – Ian Mitchell

Ian Mitchell_bright spot more time with family



"I always work from home, but now, due to the quarantine, I have more time to enjoy being Mom."

Maricarmen Tschosik


“I feel like I am more productive and love seeing my family more.” – Karlene Anderson


“Getting to see my kids when they wake up and spend more family time rather than sitting in traffic.”

Todd Jackman


“I have enjoyed the time to create great dinners and have mastered soups from real mushrooms, tomatoes and carrots! Who knew I possessed these talents?” - Michaela Sajal

Michaela Sajal_cooking bright spot

“Although much of my job requires business travel, working from home does allow for more hydrotherapy sessions and time with Jack (his cat sister is Ginger).  Who would have thought Jack & Ginger?”

- Jim Cassidy

Jim Cassidy_bright spot quaratine


 “Surrounded by my art and sewing during the week.  On the weekends, the office gets moved out and the crafts take over.  The bright side of this office is the size of my monitor!  Can I move my TV back to the office when we go back? Outside Office - Just a few steps away from my indoor office, is my outdoor office! Turn the TV around, and put my keyboard on my lap.  It's blissful!  This will be hard to leave behind when the time comes!” – Anne Yates

Anne Yates_Sewing and Crafting bright spot

Anne Yates_outdoor working bright spot














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