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5 Advantages of the C620 Wireless Conference Phone

Posted by Snom Americas on Aug 20, 2020 7:30:00 AM

Earlier this year, we launched arguably one of our most exciting business products - the Snom C620 Wireless DECT Conference Phone.

And why should you consider the C620 for your business's conferencing needs? Well friendly blog reader, I'm glad you asked. 

Keep scrolling to uncover 5 advantages of using the C620 Conference Phone.



Okay, those are super cool illustrations right? (shout out to the design team!). But let's unpack those 5 advantages a little further.
  1. Socially Distanced Meetings - this product was in production long before the COVID-19 pandemic. But we're thankful for the flexibility that it allows users who are back in office environments, looking to collaborate in conference rooms but mindful to keep their distance and safety. 
  2. Wireless Freedom - DECT 6.0 technology connects the conference phone, detachable microphones and expansion speakerphones all wirelessly to the C620 base station. This allows for up to 150 ft of range from the base station - plenty of room for team members to spread out. And the wireless mics remove the need to huddle closely to the speaker or shout across the room to be heard. So whether your room is setup with multiple tables, bean bag chairs, meditation pillows, team forts (yes, please) or whatever furniture scenario is popular these days, colleagues can move about beyond the conference table.
  3. Wireless Expansion - one day, we hope for the return of larger team meetings, trainings, conferences, social calls, etc. When that day comes, the C620 is ready to scale up to the challenge. With support of up to (2) C52-SP Expansion Speakerphones, the C620 conference solution can handle up to 27 active participants simultaneously. And remember, just because it can handle up to 27 participants, it doesn't make it polite for 27 people to talk at once. Needed to be said.
  4. Hours of Talk Time - wireless technology is great, until the moment you lose a call because of a dead battery. Never fear, the C620 can handle even your chattiest Cathy (sorry Cathy) with up to 24 hours of talk time for the conference phone and up to 12 hours of talk time per wireless microphone. One of Snom's unique intuitive design features are the wireless microphones. Just pop them out to move about the room, and slip them back in the magnetic charging bays so they're always ready for the next call. Think of it like putting them in their little home for some built-in R&R. 
  5. Flexibililty - we hear it all the time, horror stories of businesses going out and buying big, beautiful (i.e. expensive) conference tables and then having to drill a hole in it for conference phone wires. It made us shudder and inspired us to create a better way. The C620 provides complete flexibility for deployments in retrofits or in new installations alike. Conference tables everywhere (and their owners) can rest easy once again.


Those are just 5 advantages of the C620, but trust us, we could go on. And there are many more benefits of partnering with Snom for your business. Not to mention an industry-leading 3 year warranty and North American-based support!

Still have questions? Contact the Snom team at to learn more!


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